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20th August Mail on Sunday: How savvy parents are turning to Apps for advice


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THE PROBLEM When is the school trip?

THE SOLUTION Classlist, the virtual school gate

Susan Burton, and Clare Wright, lived jet-setting lives in India and Brazil with their families. But when the expats and former management consultants finally settled in Oxfordshire a few years ago, they struggled to keep up with what was going on at their children’s schools.

Susan, whose children are now ten, 14 and 16, and Clare, whose children are nine, 12 and 14, started Classlist in 2014. The app enables parents to go to a virtual school gate and chat to other parents in their child’s class. They can ask whether their child really doesn’t have any homework, find out about trips and swap photos of end-of-term concerts. There’s also a school-run share map to help parents organise lifts. More than 720 schools in the UK have signed up.

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