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8 December What’s Trending: Christmas Jumper Day on Friday

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas Jumper Days are proving to be a popular way of garnering some festive cheer. And even raise money for the school or a good cause. In fact, National Christmas Jumper Day 2020 is on 11th December.

Retail Recommendations

For those of you who are looking for a bit of retail therapy here are our top recommendations:

  • Marks &Spencer has some fun Christmas Jumper designs this season. An assortment of tasteful Fair Isle, cashmere star prints and embroidered penguins.
  • Amazon is ideal for last minute deliveries. They offer the full range from tacky to ….less tacky. Reindeer feature heavily in addition to Mandalorian characters.
  • Tuclothing offer jumpers at great prices. The Christmas Red Fluffy Robin Jumper at £11 is our favourite.

Do It Yourself Options

Christmas Jumper Snowman

We love the DIY Christmas Jumper Versions. Felt and a red pom pom goes a long way to create a Rudolf theme. Or a minimalist snowman comprising of an orange triangle and round block circles on a white background.

Christmas Jumper Tinsel

Christmas tree decorations also come in handy. Whilst a last minute tinsel and sticky tape ensemble is unlikely to win prizes in our books, it still passes as an attempt to embrace the Christmas spirit.



Easy way to collect cash from parents

If you are collecting donations, remember you can set up a ticketed event on Classlist as an easy way of collecting payments from parents. Another plus – Classlist is the only ticketing platform that is free. Yes, with no extra charges on top of Paypal or Stripe processing fees. It takes seconds to set up an event and promote it out to your parents.

Christmas Jumper Day

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