How artificial intelligence can be used to welcome new pupils into your school in 2020

Artificial intelligence introductions

Artificial intelligence for business networking in a world or remote working

The kind of in real life (IRL) interaction and ‘serendipitous’ friendships that form around the office water cooler. Companies are reinventing how we meet in an era of remote working. Such as Donut, Coffee Roulette, Lunchclub and Clubhouse are tapping into this void. Using artificial intelligence to make smart introductions to others within an enterprise we should meet. A kind of speed dating. 

Futurist Sophie Hackford describes this new normal as the “digitisation of relationships”.

Hello to digitisation of the school gate

 In our case the new friendships that occur at the school gate aren’t happening. Even more serious are the lack of opportunities for the new 2020 cohort of families to meet up. Some schools are attempting Zoom meet and greet sessions. These events don’t develop the kind of relationships that parents or new pupils deserve. Which is why we built Classbudi to help new families meet and connect a meaningful way.

From the illustration above, parents are matched into small groups to get to know each other and to introduce their children to each other.  


Our early trials highlight that the artificial intelligence element is the secret sauce. An algorithm identifies parents to meet; invites them to a video chat; and then sends a report summarising who the parent has met. Removing the friction of arranging to meet and travel time. Reminding participants  basic info “Jack’s mum Lucia who live in the next street.” All vitally important for working parents – that is over 70% of parents with school age kids.

As the summer holiday approach, the timing couldn’t be more urgent to ensure pupils connect. Especially those starting school for the first time or moving up to secondary school.

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Susan Burton

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