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Members Stories: Maria Blick and her role as Chair of the Parent Association

Business woman and PTA member Maria Blick
Maria Blick - Classlist MemberMaria Blick, Chair of the PA of The Christ Church Cathedral School.


Whoever coined the phrase ‘if you want a job doing well, ask a busy person” might easily have had business woman and PTA member Maria Blick in mind.


Not only does she have four children but she also runs her own business – and finds time to devote on average a day a week to working unpaid as the chair of the parents’ association of Christ Church Cathedral School in Oxford.


A small prep school, with 159 pupils, Christ Church relies on its PA to raise around £6,000 a year for school facilities such as IT equipment, cricket nets and astroturf. But apart from fundraising, the events organized by the PA are just as important in helping to promote the strong and inclusive sense of community that the school enjoys.


Whether it’s providing refreshments for school plays, organizing the annual Punch Party after the carol service or organizing quiz nights, events for old boys and the summer fair– all are planned and manned by unpaid parent volunteers. “For me it’s important to be part of the school community and to give something back,” says Maria, who has a ten year-old boy at the school.


“I think it’s also important for children to see you being part of their school because it helps them to feel committed to it themselves. “


She’s a fan of Classlist, which was introduced into the school this year “because it’s modern – and makes it easier for me to get my job done.”


Feedback from other parents has been ‘very positive’ too – as it’s helped to publicise events more successfully. In the past, some had complained of being unaware of forthcoming events with flyers in book bags going missing.


“Busy parents can also be tired on a Friday night when the school newsletter comes out and skim- read the contents. But with Classlist you have everything there on one site. ”


Maria also likes the fact you can choose your level of engagement – so you can click on or comment on items that interest you, or not if you choose.


“This means you don’t get your inbox clogged up with minute details because
everyone pressed ‘Reply All’ on their email trail.”

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