Classlist School

Car sharing, an alternative to expensive, polluting and stressful rush-hour driving

The morning commute can be draining. The hustle and bustle to get the children out of the house on time can create tension for parents and kids, especially when followed by the usual rush-hour jam.

Peak-hour driving is not only stressful and tedious, but it also pollutes the environment and increases the risk of traffic accidents. As more parents park their cars in school areas, the risk of accidents involving children lingering outside school areas can increase. A 2011 BBC report showed that most pedestrian deaths between 1999 and 2010 occurred during school closing times.

But all of this can be avoided. Many parents across the UK have found an alternative that is saving them time and serenity while protecting the environment.

Classlist is a pioneer service for parents wishing to partner with other parents in order to make their lives easier. By providing a confidential system to store the contact details of their children’s peers and their parents, Classlist helps individuals and schools facilitate carpooling, as well as other activities such as monitoring teenage parties and keeping track of their children when they go to friends’ houses.

According to a 2014 study by Goodyear, parents spend almost 27,000 miles driving their children around by the time they turn 20. Driving children to school, clubs and friends’ houses can be a financially and time-consuming activity, with some parents spending up to six hours a week behind the wheel.

Classlist provides parents with the benefits of being at the school door with their children without needing to be there. Through Classlist, parents and schools can develop a community where together they can ensure that their children get to school and socialise in a safe and supervised manner.

By ridesharing through Classlist, families can spend their time and income in more rewarding ways, such as going out in the week-end for a family-bonding activity.

These are some suggestions for parents wishing to organise ride-shares for their children (from Devon County Council’s website):

  • Arrange to meet with the parents you’ll be sharing the school run before introducing them to your children
  • Offer to show the other parents your insurance documents and ask to see theirs
  • Confirm that the vehicles used to transport children are in good working order
  • Make sure you have all relevant contact details of the other parents
  • Ensure your kids have the contact details of the relevant adults
  • Ensure other parents have details about any medical or special needs your child has.