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Member stories: Jude Mills, PTA member and product owner at Classlist

Member stories Jude Mills
Connecting parents

Jude Mills joined the PTA at Parkside Community School where her two children attended. She said it helped her meet other “parents at the teenage stage, when it’s harder to be involved in the school”.

She also joined the PTA because she wanted to take new chances and “try new things”.

Jude has a special place in Classlist. She is our product owner. So what does this mean? We asked her.

“Probably the best way to look at it is I sort of verify the software. I test it and try it out with the development team and suggest improvements to it”, she explained.

Working at Classlist for a year and a half, she says, is different from other jobs where she was doing similar things.

“I can work around the family. I can have a flexible schedule. I think it’s also pretty exciting, because I’m involved in developing software that I can actually use”, she said.

A Classlist team-player

Jude also enjoys working as a team. “It’s a very international team and they have a very good attitude about just getting on with it and making things work”.

Her skills as a PTA member were handy when she came to work at Classlist. Jude knows what PTAs need in a software and “how they are going to really use it”.

“I have children myself and I’m a user of Classlist. I had never been a user of a software that I was developing in the past”, she said.

Jude even used Classlist to find a math tutor for her daughter.

A business analyst, Jude says that being in the PTA is more than fundraising. “It creates a community as well as interaction between parents, teachers and children”.

Getting parents to volunteer

But it’s often hard to get people to volunteer. However, Jude has some tips to get more hands on deck. “Make it social and make sure it’s fun. Encourage people to volunteer for things they like doing”, she says.

Jude says people may have lots of activities going on. “Whether parents are a regular member of the PTA, occasional helper or support the events by attending, any amount of involvement is valuable”.

Her favourite experience in the PTA so far was making wreaths for a Christmas fundraiser. “Every parent that came along to make wreaths had a different approach and tastes but we all learned from each other and the display looked beautiful”, she says.

Christmas wreath picture

Jude’s Christmas wreath which she made along with her PT

In the end, Jude used Classlist to post pictures of the event. “It was an enjoyable social event. All wreaths were sold and I enjoyed seeing my neighbour’s door decorated with wreaths made in my home”, she says.