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Classlist round up: October 2020

Scarecrow trail feature

Here is a round up of our recent feature releases and other news. Especially for you as one of our important leaders in the Classlist community.

New features

October is usually a frantic month with autumn social and fundraising activities starting to kick off. It’s also a time when we release lots of features to help you get your communities humming with the least amount of effort. In addition this term we’ve focused on features that help you adapt to the new socially distant and virtual environment. Here are some new features:

Control over comments

locked comment feature

Based on the numbers of you that have asked us, we are pleased to announce it is now possible to lock comments on a post. Just use the 3 dots menu. Read more


Mobile friendly newsletters

You’ve written a newsletter full of useful information and interesting content. Unfortunately, an A4 attachment is a real turn off for parents. Especially when they are reading it on their phone. Now you can prepare your newsletter directly using Classlist’s announcement feature. Which means no attachments and is readable on every kind of device. Also, you can track In-App and Email open rates. A great way of monitoring your community’s engagement. Read more


Classbudi – virtual coffees for your class

Classbudi feature

Since announcing Classbudi a few weeks ago, we’ve had a really positive response.  And so we’re rolling it out to additional schools. Let us know if you would like to find out more or join our waiting list. Find out more

Faster on boarding of new parents

Upload CSV FeatureMany schools are aware how many new families are feeling pretty isolated. Given the challenges around in-person gatherings. In response, we have created a way of your school uploading emails, names and classes in a GDPR compliant way. Read more

Other news

How is Classlist different from WhatsApp?

We get asked this question sometimes. So we thought it might be helpful to highlight six of the main differences:

  • Who’s who? – This is why as founders we set up Classlist in the first place! Because we were struggling to understand who we were chatting to. Or to match the parent to their children. We believe deep and meaningful relationships can’t start to seed without this information. So a digital contact list of parents and their kids. And stating the obvious this is why we are called Classlist.
  • Personalised notifications – Parents can choose to hear from their community in real time live chats or the extreme once a week.
  • Topic based conversations – Parents say we are different because they can find the “important stuff”. In contrast to an unfocused stream of conversation like in WhatsApp.
  • Inclusive – Classlist enables parents to network within their class or reach out to other families in their year group and even across the school. Importantly, new parents can join without having to ask some parent gatekeeper they can’t get hold of.
  • Events – Organising events is time consuming. If you’ve ever organised your child’s birthday party you know WhatsApp isn’t fit for purpose. Whereas Classlist’s event feature is ideal for all types of events: private birthdays, online events and even right up to selling tickets for a school wide summer ball. As a result tackling a real point point -collecting rsvps and even money. This takes just a couple of clicks.
  • Privacy – Your information is not tracked by third parties and is fully GDPR compliant.

Rule of Six In-Person Events

Classlist Ambassadors are impressively agile. And the recent ‘rule of six’ is proof of this, with some fun events in the pipeline this month. For example:

  • Halloween swap – Organise a Halloween costume swap on a particular day.  You might even want to sell tickets to attend.  Make sure to emphasise that sales are on a first in first serve basis.
  • Dog walks – Certainly fresh air endeavours are popular and in the case of dog walks a practical way of sharing this daily task. To clarify what is different – those spontaneous walks that were arranged at the school gate can no longer happen. On the positive side it opens up an opportunity to encourage parents across your school to join in. Breaking down therefore the normal cliques. Simply by allowing anyone in your community to sign up. First set up a Dog Walking group on Classlist so interested parties can get to know each other in-between walks.
  • Scarecrow trail – Although this relies on many of your school community being local, it’s a great way of encouraging pupils to be creative and for families in small groups to mingle. In addition, it’s a possible fundraiser, where participants receive the map with the ticket purchase.
  • In-person coffees – The importance of meeting in real life is driving class reps to arrange coffee meet ups in groups of six. Consequently, these more intimate gatherings are fostering deeper connections. In contrast to the year group coffee where everyone is looking more over each other’s shoulder to scan who they should be talking to. Yes we’ve all been there.

Rule of six eventsAbove all maintaining social distancing and complying with the ‘rule of six’ is paramount. By using Classlist’s signup tool you can book a maximum of six participants into your designated date and time slots.

Check out our gallery of event and group covers you can download for free.

An online event for those dark days

Another online event that is emerging and we expect will gain popularity as the nights get darker – is the Book Club. Set up a Book Club Group on Classlist. Then arrange an event time to discuss a particular book. Six books a year (There is that number again) seems to be the accepted frequency. Again as a potential fundraiser if you have any authors or academics who can discuss a book then sell tickets to the event. We’re hearing up to £10 is around the right price point.

Press highlights

prep school septemberClasslist’s CEO Susan Burton, has an article featured in Prep School magazine this month. In short, she highlights the benefits a school gains from having a thriving community.

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Susan Burton

Susan Burton

Susan is the CEO and founder of Classlist.