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Members stories: What it is like being a dad class rep

Member stories Roi Cohen Kadosh
Roi Cohen - Classlist MemberProfessor Roi Cohen Kadosh, Class Rep at Lynams pre-prep, Oxford


When Roi Cohen Kadosh is not travelling the globe for his research work at Oxford University, or raising his two young children aged six and three, the dad class rep is happy to give up his time to volunteer at his oldest child’s school.


As Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at Oxford University, Roi travels the world on average twice a month attending conferences and working on projects with fellow scientists. Back in Oxford, he’s a senior fellow at Jesus College. He is also a busy parent to two youngsters, along with his wife Dr Kathrin Cohen Kadosh, a scientist at Oxford University, specializing in brain development and anxiety in adolescents. Roi, who was born in Israel, moved to the UK nine years ago – originally to London and then to Oxford.

Highly organised, Roi estimates his class rep activities take up “around an hour a
week”. He says the biggest workload falls on the Christmas period and in the summer.

‘It may be not so common to find dads as class reps but I am really enjoying this, ‘ he says, enthusiastically.“Being a class rep gives you the opportunity to be more connected with the school and the other parents. And it also gives you a feeling of helping other parents to connect with each other.

“I particularly enjoy going on the school trips with my son’s class. I see them all learning and I get to know children I didn’t previously know.”

Although he’s only been using it for a term, Roi finds Classlist “particularly helpful for organising events.’“Parents can RSVP, charge the event to PayPal and we can keep account of everything all on one platform. We were very grateful for how easy it made organizing our parents’ Christmas party with drinks and food in a pub.”