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Feature Watch: Parents can now set up groups and more.

Screenshot of a running group on Classlist

Find willing volunteers and organise your PTA with our new groups features.

This week with changes to the groups features we’ve made it easier to for you to find volunteers, organise your PTA and help parents to connect on Classlist. Here’s how.

Find willing volunteers

Parents can now join groups themselves with a click of a button. (Ambassadors used to have to add members). So now, if you set up a ‘willing volunteer’ group, parents can join and be part of the conversation right away. PTAs have told us that having a willing volunteer list is a great way to find parents who are happy to help, but are not ready to go in to full PTA member mode, or who have special skills that you could make use of e.g. graphic design, finding sponsorship. (More ideas on finding volunteers here.)

Organise your PTA with groups

Use groups to give your PTA team a place to get organised and communicate effectively. No.1 on the list is to set up a PTA group where you can share agenda items and discuss PTA matters – it keeps everyone involved even if they can’t make the meetings. Ambassadors have also been using groups to set up working groups for particular projects or events. Why not set one up for the Christmas fair team now. We also see schools creating groups around fundraising targets such as ‘Let’s build our library’. (More ideas on running your PTA meetings differently with Classlist here.)

Encourage parents to connect 

Parents can now create their own groups too. This gives parents the chance to set up groups like a ‘Monday Running’ group and connect with parents across the school – not just in their class or year group. Or, they can have a more private group chat with their friends. What does your head think about all the parent WhatsApp groups? This is your answer. Secure, data protected and visible for all parents to join if they want.

Why not set up some interest groups to get parents using groups on your school’s Classlist. Here are some groups that we’ve seen popping up on the Classlist network this month:

  • Ramblers
  • After school French Club
  • Dad’s pub group
  • Secondary school applications
  • Crafters
  • Toddlers-in-tow
  • Friday coffee
  • Prayer group
  • Transport
  • D of E (Duke of Edinburgh’s Award)

Exactly what’s new in Groups

The key changes to groups in the update are:

  • ‘Community Groups’ have moved to the parent side and are now called ‘Parent Groups’. Access them from the icon on the Parent Board on desktop or from the menu on the App.
  • Parents can create their own groups to chat with groups of close friends or to connect with like-minded parents across the school.
  • Ambassadors no longer have to add parents manually to groups – parents can join themselves.
  • Groups can be private or open but all group names are visible on the groups page. This is helpful if a parent joins the school mid-year, or sees a group they’d like to be part of, as they can just ask the group owner to join.

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