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Feature Watch: Now invite parents with SMS, WhatsApp and Facebook

Image of the new 'invite-a-parent' button
Getting the parents at your school on Classlist is easy with our new improved ‘invite-a-parent’ button.

You can now invite parents to join using SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook (to post to groups) and Facebook Messenger (to message individuals). Simply click on the invite-a-parent button on the parent side, and choose how you’d like to share your school’s sign up link.

Encourage parents already on Classlist to invite other parents they are friendly with at the school. You can also post a link direct to your PTA Facebook group or WhatsApp group if you have one too. Why not try it out today?

Want to give your Classlist community a little sign up boost?

Here are our top 10 tips we tell Ambassadors to try, including an image to share with parents to help them understand what’s in it for them.

  1. Get on, get your friends on, get them to tell their friends with the invite-a-parent button.
  2. Ask your headteacher to give you a high-five in the school newsletter for getting this thing going.
  3. Give parents a deadline to sign up.
  4. Corner parents when you are waiting at pick up to download the app.
  5. Think why YOUR parents would like it: To locate that lost jumper? To arrange meet-ups in the holidays? To check on the teenage party? To ask about the homework? Share lifts? Explain it to them this way.
  6. Bribe them with cake.
  7. Find a parent in each class who will take the lead to get their class on – they can make that 1:1 connection with their class parents.
  8. Get the kids involved. Turn it into a competition: give a prize to the class who gets the most parents on by the end of the week using a sign up tracking poster in each class. Tell the children that parents can use Classlist to set up playdates and invite them to parties.
  9. Encourage the parents. Offer the first class to sign up 20 parents a bottle of bubbly to share at their next parent social – organised on Classlist!
  10. Got a PTA Facebook group or PTA Twitter page? Post images explaining to parents what’s in it for them – together with the app link. Use this one below or personalise the blank version with text that will resonate with the parents at YOUR school. You can use Canva – a free drag and drop design tool to do this (it’s really nifty and quite addictive!).


Whats the homework post?


What's the homework post for PTAs to customise

Suggestions that might be relevant for your school community:

Is it inset day on Monday?

Details about the teenage party anyone?

When is the school trip due back?

RSVPs for Charlies birthday party please!

Want to club together for the teachers present?

Anyone like to buy Freddies bike?

Want to share lifts for the lacrosse match?

Classlist helps parents to connect and answer each others questions. With a little bit of work to get parents on – you will find that Classlist makes life so much easier for the parents, the PTA, and helps take the burden of the school office too.

‘Help the life of one person and you can help the community’ Steven Sawalich