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Feature Watch: New parent welcome posts and more

Image of the new Classlist bell notification icon

The latest updates to the Classlist platform include welcome posts for new parents and improved notification features. We’ve also got news on developments in the pipeline to help you to invite parents you are in contact with on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Available now

When new parents join their class the class will see a welcome post in their class group. Class members can then welcome them to the class group community.

Welcoming parents to your school site will help your online community to gather momentum in the early sign-up days, lets other parents know who is in the group, and will also help integrate new parents to the school nice and quickly.

We have a new parent notification feature too. Alongside the existing message icon there is a new ‘bell’ notification icon. So, as well as being notified about messages waiting for them, a parent is alerted when they are:

  • invited to an event
  • an event is updated or cancelled
  • a parent joins the class
  • when someone creates a new post or announcement
  • when someone likes or comments on their post

We hope parents will find this enhanced notification feature useful.

Coming Soon

Parents using the Classlist app will be able to invite other parents to join from WhatsApp or Facebook. And, parents using the website will be able to invite other parents to join using their Facebook contacts.

So, if you don’t have someone’s email address but you know them on Facebook or WhatsApp you will be able to easily invite them to Classlist. All parents will still need to be approved by an Ambassador before they can access your school Classlist site.

About the author

Jude Mills

Jude Mills

Jude is Product Owner here at Classlist.