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Feature Watch: Events have been given a complete makeover

Screenshoot of the new Classlist Events layout

Use the new Classlist Event features to make organising your PTA and parent events even easier.

The improvements, inspired by feedback from across the Classlist Community, have been made to create an events area that will work even better for you. The new features are available for your existing events – so find out what is now possible in Classlist Events to help you organise your Christmas fair, and any other events you have coming up this term. Don’t forget to let us know what you think at

What’s new?
  • Multiple ticket types – create different ticket types for your event. Use them for different meal options, for family or individual tickets – whatever will work best for your event.
  • Better reporting – See who is and who isn’t attending, and who has bought tickets. Download a spreadsheet of attendees and ticket types to use on the day.
  • More sophisticated messaging – chase up the ‘Maybe’s’ and the ‘Not-got-back-yet’s’. Send more information nearer the time to the ‘Yes’s’.
  • Add attachments to your event – menus, flyers etc.
  • You can now comment on events – invitees can ask questions and communicate with the event host
  • Add extra location information – where to park, how to find a tricky venue.
  • Parents can download their tickets

and more.

A complete redesign

Screenshoot of the new Classlist Events layout

Improved ticketing functionality

Our updated events feature will allow you to create multiple tickets types for the same event. This will allow you to create tickets for different meal options, and different price tickets for individuals and families, for example.
Screenshot of the new ticketing functionality

Better reporting on attendees and tickets

It’s now easier than ever to see who is attending your events. The event creator can quickly see how many of each ticket has been sold, as well as an overall list of all attending members. You can easily download a list of the sold tickets, which is ideal to bring with you to the event so you can tick everyone off!

Improved notification settings

We have improved our notification settings too! Now, rather than send notifications to every invited member you can choose to message separate groups. This is perfect if you want to send a reminder to everyone who hasn’t yet bought a ticket, or wish to send out a little update to those that are attending.

New notifications function


Add an attachment to an event

Events can now hold their own attachments too! This will allow an event creator to add a file that event invitees can download. Perfect for flyers and menus! Simply click the ‘Add attachment’ button and select the file you would like to attach.

Adding an attachment icon

Heaps of other useful updates too!

Sometimes it’s the little things that really make the difference. Aside from the major changes to events, we’ve also added a number of other small features:

  • Edit the original event host. Event creators will now be able to edit who hosts the event.
  • Parents can download their own tickets. Purchased tickets can now be downloaded and printed out.
  • Add extra location information. Sometimes a standard address might not be helpful enough for finding the correct location or knowing where to park. Event creators can now add additional instructions to ensure everyone arrives without hassle.

Extra direction info box

  • Invitees can comment on events. Those invited to an event can now comment on it. This is very similar to commenting on a post or announcement. It lets invitees ask questions about the event and communicate with the event host. Only those invited to the event will see these comments.

New guest comments box

  • Preselected event pictures. While it’s always nice to have a unique photograph to highlight your event, we understand that sometimes you might just be too busy to find that perfect pic. Now you can use our new image bank if you are in a hurry.
  • Save a location for later. If you find yourself using the same locations for your events, Classlist will now save these for next time.

Ambassadors – take a look at Classlist Events on your site. More information is available on the helpdesk. Let us know what you think at