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30th December What’s Trending: How to Roll Out Mass Testing in Schools

mass testing

Secondary school reopening is delayed until at least January 18th. This is a bit of reprieve for schools. Giving them more time to set up mass testing of their pupils.  And testing is important to reduce the number of children and staff who have to self-isolate.

Although Government guidelines set out the roles and responsibilities for carrying out the mass testing, there isn’t the manpower within schools. Especially given that teachers are again tasked with teaching pupils in-class and remotely.

Mass testing carried out by schools and parents in partnership

Trending on Classlist this week, is how school parent volunteers can play a key role in helping schools manage the mass testing programme. For instance, taking on the roles of queue co-ordinators and registration assistants.

We would argue that those parents who have volunteered in managing complex summer and winter fairs are highly qualified. Not only are they logistical experts, they know the staff and pupils. Lastly, they really want the testing programme to succeed.

Here is a brief demo how Classlist can help with rolling out testing in schools.

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Susan Burton

Susan Burton

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