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Allison Hood on what it’s like as a Class Rep the second time round!

Class Rep Quote: Having Classlist has made the communication side of the job so easy.
Class Rep Allison Hood

Allison Hood, Class Rep at St Philip & St James C of E Primary School

Allison Hood, 37, is a Year Three Class Rep at St Philip & St James Church of England Primary School in Oxford.

‘This is the second year I’ve worked as a Class Rep. I did the role for a year when my eldest was in Reception. That was before we’d discovered Classlist. Now I’m doing the Rep role again with Classlist – and it’s become super-easy!

As a Class Rep what I want to do is create an inclusive group for the parents in the class, mobilise them to support the events the PTA puts on (ranging from cake sales to quiz nights to nearly new sales and fetes) and make sure we socialise. Before Classlist, I had to chase up parents, make sure everyone knew what was happening, ensure that any new parents had access to all the information – it was quite easy to miss people out accidentally, which made me feel awful. What I love about Classlist is that now everyone knows where to go to get that information, so the impetus is on the parents to sign up. I can send out an email and I know it’s reached all the parents who want to be involved (because they’ve signed up). I can even see what percentage of parents have read my mail. That’s been really useful because it’s shown me which subject lines make people read an email, and which ones they ignore. I’ve learned to make headers as succinct as possible: Cake Sale. 10th June. Please bake and buy!

It’s great to be involved because I want my children to be at a school where parents are engaged and do make time to help.

I can fit the Class Rep role around my family, my job (I work in innovation consulting) and my own interests (right now I’m training to take part in a sprint triathlon at Blenheim Palace). That’s partly because I realised the joy of sharing the Class Rep role with a friend. I rep for one Year Three class and a good friend reps for the other. We can remind one another about the things that need doing, so it’s easier and more fun! But it’s also because having Classlist has made the communication side of the job so easy. When parents know what’s going on, they want to be involved. They want to do what they can. Classlist facilitates an impulse that’s already there.