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How a school branded merchandise stall can be a great fundraiser

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Looking for a new Christmas stall idea? Setting up a school branded gifts stall at your Christmas Fair is a great way to raise money for the PTA and boost school spirit at the same time.

And now Bejora can make it easier for you. A new concept in PTA merchandising, Bejora splits all its profits with your PTA so that you can raise more for your school. You can also order all your PTA merchandise from one place – no more sourcing bits from here and there.

Rachel, co-founder of Bejora says “All of our products have been tried and tested, so not only are they excellent quality, but we know PTAs, parents and kids love them too. We have made it our business to be the experts in school fundraising with over 15 years cumulative experience between us”


The 7 Bejora Essential “Must Dos” for fundraising success

1. Pocket Money purchases are essential to success, but order a range of items and price points

Try including items on your stall that can be purchased with pocket money by the children or by mum and dad for the Christmas stockings, in addition to more substantial gifts, such as umbrellas and teddy bears.

2. Order Early.

Order your products sooner rather than later. Lead times can be long so you will need to start ordering some products now for the Christmas fair. Some products take longer to customise and others have far distances to travel before they arrive at your school.

TOP TIP: You should assume it will take a minimum of 3 weeks for the quickest products – and as long as 10 weeks for some others! Remember that it will take time for your PTA to decide on the design, then wait for the digital sample, then sign that off. It is only then that the product will be produced and shipped to you.

3. One word, “Collectables”. Don’t keep bringing out the same stuff. Keep your merchandise stall fresh and exciting by offering collectable items, such as stuffed toys.

This year it could be a school teddy bear, next year a stuffed lion and the year after, why not a dog or cat soft toy? The kids will love to collect them all. Schools also like to sell items such as charm bracelets where each term or year, the PTA introduces a new charm that the children can add to their bracelet.

4. Organize. Create a central folder with approved colours, logos. Don’t wait until the last minute. Tell your decision makers way ahead of time that you considering school merchandise.

The PTA will need to agree a budget and also who will sign off the designs for your school’s products. Usually, you would need to agree what your school’s main colour is and where you would like to place the school logo on your product. This bit can be quite fun! Take a look a some of the things you could order.

Bejora branded merchandise

TOP TIP: Ask the school office if they can provide you with both the school logo in a high resolution file and with the Pantone colour code of your school colour.

5. Position and Design of Your Stall

Don’t be boring! Your branded merchandise stall can be a real money maker so think about placing it in a position where parents and children will walk by – near the refreshments stall is always a good idea. Make the stall attractive by keeping your products in different size baskets with clearly marked prices.

TOP TIP: Make a tablecloth for your stall out of your school’s check, striped or plaid uniform. You can source this from your uniform supplier, a fabric shop or even make one yourself out of old uniform.

6. Pre-order forms.

These are genius. Don’t limit yourself to just the fair, use the time before the fair wisely. Before the fair, send parents a pre-order form for all products. This will help you judge how popular the item will be, as well as help you fund the purchase through pre-payments. It’s also a great way for parents to purchase items as surprise Christmas gifts so as to not make purchases in front of the children. We have seen this technique drives sales substantially. You can usually assume you will sell 3-4 times more gifts than you get pre-order forms for. Email us for a sample pre-order form at

7. Merchandise Mondays

Don’t limit your sales to just the fairs. Creating a pop-up shop on a Monday afternoon, keeps everyone interested and able to buy gifts if they missed the fair or want a second of something they already bought.

Take a look at for inspiration.

Bejora was started by three mums who strongly believe in supporting school spirit and our local communities. Rachel Brask-Tyrrell, co-founder of Bejora says “All of us have served on our children’s school PTAs and worked for local charities. We are passionate about finding innovative ways to nurture children’s and families’ sense of community spirit, as we believe that fueling passion and kindness in our children will help them lead happier, more fulfilling lives.”

“It was from here that our company selling school branded gifts as fundraisers was born. We try to give back in as many ways as we can. In addition to sharing our profits with PTAs, Bejora also gives a portion of our own profits each year to several of our schools’ chosen charities as a thank you to the school and a way of giving back to many communities across the country.”

“We also aim to employ young people starting out in work, as well as mums returning to work. The more we all help each other, the better the world will be!”


Bejora Team

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