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What your PTA needs to do right now for 2021/22

Reboot your PTA for success

Find your post-COVID parent association recovery plan here!

In this video and downloadable guide, we guide you through the steps that will help your parent association bounce back from COVID and enjoy a brilliant 2021/22.

Watch the webinar, listen along or download the PDF to use the slides for your planning and presentations.

Your step-by-step parent association guide

Being a parent association Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, class rep, room parent or school volunteer is hard work! But it’s worth every moment. You’ll find it easier with this handy guide.

Inside, we share

  • What is a Class Rep and how to recruit one
  • How to encourage more parents to help
  • The parent association handover
  • Setting the budget for 2021/22
  • Fundraising during and after COVID
  • Best teacher presents
  • Rebooting for September 2021

Find the video and guide here

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Timma Marett