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Summer Fair planning: How PTAs are getting organised on Classlist

Summer Fair Bunting BLOG

PTAs are summer fair planning in a big way. They are using Classlist to:

  • Set up their next PTA meeting to kick off summer fair planning. On the agenda: what worked last year, deciding on the stalls, allocating them to classes or year groups, and publicity.
  • Drum up support for the PTA by telling parents what the PTA is for, inviting parents to join, and asking for willing helpers who’d be happy to help with ad hoc smaller jobs. Some are having a pub get together to get things going.
  • Post out announcements with requests for help with specific tasks for the summer fair that need to be done soon.
  • Ask class parents to get together to organise a particular stall or area such as refreshments. Dividing up your stall organisation this way is a pretty smart to get everyone involved and share the load of organising your fair. Just a quick post to the parent board.