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How to give a Brazil themed twist to your summer party

The Rio Olympics is here! Add a twist to your event with ideas from Classlist’s Co-Founder Clare, who lived in Rio de Janeiro for 4 years, and get everyone rocking to the sound of samba! From ideas for Brazilian themed activities and stalls at your fair, to a simple Rio themed evening event, we’ve got something for everyone. We’ve even got links to some specific Brazil-related teaching resources too!

Clare lived in Rio de Janeiro for 4 years with her 3 children, where she was on the P&C (also known as a PTA) at her children’s American School helping to organise events and raise funds for the school. Use the Olympics to get everyone excited about your event and raise more money. Everyone loves Brazil!

Maybe you’d simply like to offer some Brazilian themed food and drink, or to have a children’s parade inspired by the famous Rio Carnival?  We have got ideas for children’s sports activities, arts and crafts stalls, samba workshops, and more.

How to Run a Stunning Carnival Parade

Rio is famous for its Carnival parades. Each samba school of tells a story through their costumes. Groups of about 100 people all wear the same costume, making a stunning and colourful effect as they samba through the streets.

Running a summer fair, or holiday camp? With very little effort you can organise a Carnival parade to open your event or to create a memorable finale event for your summer camp. This will draw friends and family.

Give each class or group of children a different theme and its own colour scheme for your parade. With little effort you will have a rainbow parade!

Suggested group themes

  • the blue sea
  • the golden beach
  • the lush green forest
  • the red parrots
  • blue parrots (hyacinth macaws, like in Rio the film)
  • sport
  • musicians
  • tropical fruits
  • monkeys
  • flip flops (eg enormous cardboard flip flops brightly painted)
  • surfers
  • palm trees
  • beachwear and towels
  • boats

Getting the children excited in advance should mean they will bring the whole family to the fair to spend money!

  • Drumming and percussion is an important part of the Rio carnival. Ask children to make drums and shakers using dried beans to bring for the parade.
  • Show the children a video of Carnival in advance.
  • As a minimum children can just wear their group colour. But they should be able to rustle up costumes without too much effort.
  • Have a costume competition, judged by someone important.
  • Groups could club together to order a big bag of coloured feathers that would ‘unify’ their costumes even if they are made at home.
  • Organise a parade around the playground or sports field.
  • Ask the children to dance & samba as they go.  Brazilians love to dance – even toddlers have got the beat!
  • Blare some music out loudly in true Brazilian style!
  • You could charge £1 per child entrant

Don’t forget the Grandparents!  Brazilians bring their whole family to everything – children’s birthday parties, business dinners and school fairs!  Make a special point of inviting all grandparents to come along …..and increase your takings!!