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School Closure guide on how PTAs can help their Headteachers

Here is a simple infographic to share with your headteacher explaining 4 ways their PTA can help them, even during a school closure.

If you run or on a PTA, you can play an essential role in supporting your school community even during a school closure. The first step is to set out the business case for your headteacher. It’s all about caring instead of fundraising right now. Practical steps you can take are about: effective communication; rallying volunteers; being super inclusive of ALL families; and exploiting technology to reach your community remotely during potential prolonged school closures. Don’t be afraid to highlight to your head, reaching parents and recruiting volunteers are the bread butter tasks that you perform regularly anyway. The main challenge is that there will be many more families that need help with even less visibility than normal.

School Closure Guide for Headteachers

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Susan Burton

Susan Burton

Susan is the CEO and founder of Classlist.