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Sponsor Profile: Andy Eaton from PAN!CAPP

Andy Eaton, Founder PAN!CAPP

Helping Teens Navigate the World Safely

When our children become teenagers, we – the parents – tread a fine line. On the one hand, we want to encourage independence but we also need to keep our children safe whilst they are learning about the world.

As parents, you try your best to know where your children are going and who they will be with. However, once you’ve said ‘yes’ to the party, how do you know if they’ve arrived safely or are in an unsafe situation?

I wanted to know my son felt safe in their company, but I didn’t want to embarrass him by asking him.

For Classlist School Sponsor Andy Eaton, the sight of his teenage son hanging out with a group of older boys on a seaside pier during a summer holiday was a lightbulb moment which led to the development of PAN!CAPP. He explains:

“I’m the father of three; two daughters aged 13 and 20, and a son aged 17. Just like I was at their age, they want to be independent but like most teenagers, they also believe they’re invincible.”

“Every parent will have experienced radio silence when trying to find out if their son or daughter is safe. You text or WhatsApp them but no response, as far as they’re concerned, they’re fine, so why bother to reply?

“I was sitting on the beach, watching my son on the pier with a group of older lads, wondering if he really was okay, or whether things might spin out of control, that’s when I had my inspiration for PAN!CAPP.

“I realised the one thing teenagers always have on them is their mobile phones!
I thought about a phone app that sends prewritten messages/alerts and locations to preselected contacts, to notify them if they’ve arrived safely, in uncomfortable situations or in danger all within 4 touches – PAN!CAPP does just that.”

How to use PAN!CAPP

PAN!CAPP is available on Google and iOS App stores! It’s simple to use: teenagers just touch green for “I’m fine”, yellow for “I’m worried” and red for “I’m in danger.”

For example your teen will press the:
Green Button: When going to a party to let their parents/contacts know they have arrived safely.
Yellow Button: Letting their contacts (family/friends) know they are feeling uncomfortable and may need assistance.
Red Button: they are in immediate danger and need assistance straight away.
Blue Button: when the issue has been resolved.

PAN!CAPP has additional innovative features like Live Location, your child can share their location with you at any time of the day.

PAN!CAPP is fast, simple and free.

Pan!cApp Screenshots

What does this mean for parents/guardians?

Using PAN!CAPP will hopefully mean no more sleepless nights for parents/guardians, and for teens, it offers reassurance of their safety should they be in danger.

For all family members

To fully maximise PAN!CAPP features, why not subscribe to the Platinum service which gives you Live Tracking capabilities, in app notifications (if your child runs out of messaging credit they can still send you an alert) with a family discounted package starting from £2.99.

Future developments

There’s lots of exciting new developments in the pipeline that will feature emojis for letting friends and family know you’re safe on a date (datesafe), for skiing trips (skisafe) and for elderly people too, who can let their family know if they’ve suddenly feeling ill, being admitted to hospital or being mistreated in a care situation.

Helping teenagers get out of trouble

Andy Eaton, Founder of PAN!CAPP says “While PAN!CAPP works like a comfort blanket, it cannot replace common sense. My advice to parents? Keep communicating with your children and help them plan ahead, i.e. Is their phone charged? Do they have an exit strategy for getting home? Do they have money for emergencies? Do they have the phone numbers of their mates on them, just in case? As parents, it’s our job to facilitate our children’s growing independence while managing risk. PAN!CAPP helps manages that risk.”

You can find out more about PAN!CAPP at