Ten cool virtual events from top school communities.

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Traditional events with a twist

While some PTAs clamber to work out how to run events this year, others are leading the way with virtual events. Here are ten cool virtual event ideas from our top school communities. Plus further insights to help inspire your own.

Based on the number of Christmas fairs and Firework cancellations, it is clear that virtual events are the way forward this term. And we’re seeing a lot of creativity coming out. As PTAs come to terms with delivering fun events in a virtual format. Also new opportunities to fundraise.

Top ten virtual events

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So, why we haven’t included Quiz Nights in the top ten? That’s because many of our Ambassadors are now experienced Virtual Quiz Masters.  Instead, we’ve pulled together these insights into a free Quiz Night Pack

Which platforms are popular?

We’re seeing our Ambassadors using a range of video and tech platforms. Firstly, Youtube and Facebook Live are the most popular for livestreaming. Secondly, Zoom and Google for hosting events that involve participation. Classlist for selling tickets, booking time slots and selling add-ons. Lastly, Wiz, Weebly and Shopify for more sophisticated e-commerce.

Don’t forget the Add-ons

Symbols are powerful tools in building community. School logos are the most obvious symbols for reminding members of the school’s values and identity. Giving participants a token or keepsake that includes the school logo binds loyalty and a sense of belonging. It is also an opportunity to top up your fundraising. 

Popular items are toys, t-shirts, hats or water bottles with the logo and year. Importantly, highlight the milestone being marked – Welcome to Reception 2020. Or a virtual beer or gin festival accompanied by a fun t-shirt or bottles shipped prior to the event. Ask the Bollywood Dance team above to wear customised T-shirts that reflect their ‘bubble’. Parents understand that the school will benefit from the sale.  If you aren’t using it already, the wonderful design software Canva has a design your own T-shirt facility. On Classlist you can add a T-shirt option to your ticket types. 

How are you meeting the challenge of social distancing?

We’re hearing on the grapevine new and interesting ways that Classlist Ambassadors are planning hybrid style in-person events that are fun, inclusive but still comply with social distancing rules. By using Classlist’s sign up tool to arrange time slots with groups of six for instance. By the way, let us know if you’ve held any successful events you would like to share us. We’d love to hear from you.

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