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My Classlist is looking different. What’s going on?

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With more parents than ever and loads of detailed feedback, we’ve totally redesigned Classlist for the 2016/2017 school year.

Most parents use Classlist on the go, so our priority for the new version has been to focus on the mobile experience with better navigation and faster uploads. Take a look at your new Classlist site. (To login to your new site you might have to clear your cache.)

We are launching the new Classlist in stages as we check everything is working properly. And, will be adding back features every week. So, where are we at?

To Date:
  1. In the current release you can already see your class lists, send messages to other parents and set up personal events such as a birthday party, see the school runshare map, and manage profiles.
  2. Existing school and class structures have also been transferred, so Classlist Ambassadors can easily reallocate pupils once their new classes are known.
Coming soon:
  1. Ability to upload photos, and post stuff to your class or year group wall.
  2. Users will be able to send group/class messages, and organise class and community events (so please hold off from creating your 2016 events just for a moment – until we give you the green light).
  3. Parent listings will follow, incorporating some great new ideas from existing users.

Keep checking back to the blog for the latest on the upgrade. By the end of September everything should be available. And, from October lots of new features are coming, based on your feedback. And of course, an app!

Thank you for all your feedback so far. Keep it coming and let us know what you think at