GDPR: Ways you can work with your school to build class lists

PTA building class lists

Parents using Classlist are completely in control of their personal contact details – they create their own account, choose what personal data to add and share. So, many parent associations use Classlist exclusively to make sure they are communicating in a GDPR compliant way. They love being able to reach out to parents, and the parents appreciate being able to customise whether they receive notifications in email or the app. But how about getting parents on to Classlist in the first place?

The good news is that the school can help you build your class lists in a number of ways. Here are some frequent questions we hear on the support desk…

Q: Can I invite parents using the email lists we have?
A: If you have been emailing a parent in the last year about PTA or school matters it is considered legitimate interest that you can invite them to join Classlist, as the platform you will be using going forward. Just let them know in advance you will invite them e.g. via the school newsletter.

Q: Can my school help with approvals?
A: Yes they can. Either by having a Staff Admin do the approvals. Or, if parent reps are doing the approvals, the school can help by confirming to them whether the parents registering are current parents.

Q: Can the school tell me which pupil has moved into which class, and who has left, so I can update the classes for the new academic year?
A: The school can supply the PTA with a list of which class each pupil is moving into to allow you to keep your data up-to-date, and move pupils into their new classes for the academic year. However, you should only use the pupil lists supplied for that purpose.