Welcome new families to your school community

An infographic showing ways schools can welcome new starters

A warm welcome matters

When parents feel involved in school and are connected to each other, they are more likely to give back through volunteering, fundraising and advocating for your school. Bringing them on board early fosters great working relationships from the start. Bringing in your new families from before their first day is highly recommended!

June: Before new joiners day

Use technology to welcome everyone

  • Fine tune your Welcome Pack with new information or changes
  • Set up Classlist groups for new joiners or year groups
  • Recruit PA reps to welcome new families
  • Update the school website with Classlist sign up details
  • June: Induction Day

Pull in the PA

  • Invite your PA and class reps to speak at induction day
  • Explain that you have an easy and safe way for parents to connect with each other
  • Hand out the QR code flyer. We’ve found attaching them to balloons for children is a great way to ensure they get taken!

July: before the holidays

Invite to summer socials

  • Contact your new parents with information about parent and pupil summer meet-ups run by class reps.
  • Parents are highly motivated to help their children settle and will want to bring their families
  • Nudge parents to set up Classlist

August: before term starts

Hand over the reins

  • Send out invitations to welcome events via Classlist
  • Ask your parent association and reps to make contact with new parents
  • RELAX! Your kinder social network starts here.

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